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Product Name:Metallurgical Rotary Kiln
Product Detailed:

The metallurgical rotary kiln is mainly used in metallurgy industry for roasting various mineral materials. To be specific, it can be used in steel plants for magnetizing roast of lean iron ore and oxidizing roast of chromite and josephinite, in refractory material factory for roasting high metallurgical minerals, in aluminum plants for roasting clinkers and aluminium hydroxide, and in chemical plants for roasting aluminum ore sand, chrome ore powder, etc.

The metallurgical roasting equipment is composed of the kiln head, kiln body and kiln tail. Among which, the kiln head is mainly used to discharge, with larger diameter than the kiln body. The kiln body is the main component, which is usually as long as 30-150m. In addition, the kiln tail, the significant part of the rotary kiln, mainly undertakes material feeding and kiln sealing.

The new type metallurgical rotary kiln is simply constructed and presents a large variety of superiorities such as easy and reliable operation, little quick-wear parts, high operation rate, and premium finished products.

Structural Characteristics
1. The kiln body is made of premium carbon steel or alloy steel plate by means of rolling and automatic welding.
2. The tyres, riding wheel and open gear of this roasting furnace are made of alloy cast steel.
3. The slide shoe bearing features large gap and impossibility of grinding the shoe.
4. The cylindrical roasting kiln is designed with a special driving device which consists of a hard teeth reducer, a flexible diaphragm coupler and a direct current motor.
5. A hydraulic thrust roller is typically adopted.
6. The kiln head and tail are respectively characterized by metal leaf type seal and air-tight seal.
7. The metallurgical rotary kiln is equipped with a low speed driving device.

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