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Addr: No. 198, Shuanglou Road, Qutang Town, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, P.R. China.
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     Coming into existence in 1970, Haijian mainly provides complete equipment of new type dry process rotary kiln for cement plants with daily output less than 10000 tons, and hosting products for power industry, metallurgy industry, waste incineration industry, etc. as well as overall contract projects. In order to produce the finest products, the company has utilized a large amount of precise heavy processing equipment including Φ10m, Φ8m and Φ5m vertical lathes, Φ8m, Φ5m and Φ2m gear-hobbing machines, Φ5×16m and Φ7×20m surfacing lathes, 8×6.5×18m and 5.2m×5.2m×17.6m large scale annealing furnaces, 5-200t bridge crane, automatic arc-submerging welder, flame cutting machine, to name a few, and all kinds of measuring and testing equipment, with annual machining and cutting capacity reaching 300,000 tons.

     As the main equipment of cement grinding system, the roller press, tube mill, rotary kiln, vertical mill and separator are continuously innovative featured products of Haijian. These leading products have been awarded as the provincial premium product, industry famous brand, etc. for more than once. In addition, the company has attached great importance to the development of large tube mill and separator, thus it has possessed the capability to produce various tube mills with more than 10 kinds of specifications, includingФ4.8×13m, Ф3.2×13m, etc. Since the cooperation with German Polysius to manufacture tube mill in 2007, Haijian has produce about 20 sets of tube mill with various specifications such as Ф3.0 m, Ф3.4m, Ф3.8m, Ф4.2m, Ф4.4m, and others.
     As the earliest developer and manufacturer of roller press in China, Haijian produced the first roller press in the late 1980s by introducing advanced technology and won the first silver metal in international fair for Chinese building materials industry. Afterwards, the company constantly strengthened cooperation with domestic renowned universities and scientific research institutions. Thus, through introduction of technology and talents, and joint efforts to break through technology difficulties, we have been always taking the leading position in energy saving key technology and equipment of cement clinker sintering system and cement grinding system. Currently, our roller press system is typically equipped with D separator and V separator which can contribute to 99% powder separating rate. Additionally, after utilizing this equipment, some cement plants can achieve 40-50% power energy conservation and 30-45% production output improvement, remarkably increasing economic benefits. Thereby, Haijian roller press is an ideal choice of cement production line grinding system for reducing energy consumption and increasing production.
     In order to increase competitive strength and meet various requirement of our customer, Haijian further broadens application field of the roller press and strengthens the research of raw materials final grinding technology. As a result, the company has manufactured a series of roller press with specifications of Φ1200~2000mm and increase the service life of the rollers from 6000hours to over 10,000 hours. These roller press series have won a number of awards such as "the second prize for progress in science and technology", "China top brand product", "New hi-tech product of Jiangsu, China", etc. and are greatly favored by the customers. In 2010, the R&D center was promoted as the technology center of Nantong city, and in the same year, we are authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology to establish Jiangsu engineering technology and research center for final grinding equipment in cement industry.
     In 2010, the newly established engineering project in the new district was formally put into production. Full operation of the new factory has doubled annual sales of the company, contributes to further consolidation and improvement of the productivity and comprehensive strength, and provides powerful hardware guarantee for accelerating new products research and development. Due to these superiorities, Haijian was awarded as one of the national top ten model enterprises for technology and equipment of grinding system. Apart from those main machines, the company also takes the production management and sales of spare parts into great consideration. To be specific, fine machining and premium quality of various accessories, including the big and small gear hollow shaft of the mill, rotary kiln belt, roller press coupler, and other accessories of dryer, separator, etc. has added great competitive strength to the company.
     Thanks to perfect machining technology and stable product quality, series products of Haijian have attained ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14000 certification. With nationwide leading standardized management, Haijian has been awarded as the provincial hi-tech enterprise, provincial AAA level credit enterprise, municipal top 100 private enterprise, China top 20 manufacturer of building materials machinery and China leading enterprise of cement machinery. With self-run right of import and export, the company has become a large scale manufacturer of cement, hydroelectricity and environment protection machinery, the significant key enterprise and main export base. Furthermore, relying on precise production management, standardized production process, strict test and supervision, superior product quality, Haijian has become the important cooperative production base of many multinational corporations.
China leading enterprise of cement machinery
China top 20 manufacturer of building materials machinery
National top ten model enterprise for technology and equipment of grinding system
The outward EPC export base of large scale complete set of cement machinery

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Addr:No. 198, Shuanglou Road, Qutang Town, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, P.R. China.  Tel:86-0513-88790288 88791288    
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